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Among 405 entries received in 18 participating countries, the international Typhlo & Tactus (T&T) jury analyzed 61 entries for 2 days.
The discovery and reading of each entry demonstrate a work of reflection, originality and great creativity. This year new subjects were treated like feelings, emotions, and jobs. Many entries evoke ecology with the seabed. Some authors also explored concepts such as light, paintings by painters … Furthermore we are also seeing new formats: larger books and more play-books. All these entries introduce either new materials or original techniques and interesting tactile surprises.

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The books are classified by country of origin.
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Salviamo Agistino! (Save Augustino!) - Maria Marinelli - Italy

Peledziuku abecele (Owl's Alphabet) - Rita Zaikauskiene & Lijana Meilunaite - Lithuania

Vaisiai ir uogo, pazintine knyga maziesiems (Fruits and Berries. A study Book for Little 0nes) - Aldona Slancauskiene - Lithuania

Tom wil een hap (Tom Wants a Bite) - Marion Brillemans - Netherlands

“Everyday situations approached with humor. The puppet allows children to be actors. The skills of the child are respected and reading becomes more complex at the end of the book with an interesting writing technique. All along the pages the silhouette of the dog changes and it complicates the reading of young children. Text and images are a little redundant. The story lacks originality.” International Jury


Dag Spin (Hello Spider) - Gyntha Goertz & Ann Conefrey - Netherlands

“Well done, varied materials. We appreciate the pop-up of the end. The story is fluid and it is an attractive book. The writing is well adapted to a very young reader. Some pictures are sometimes inconsistent with the way of the reading. The thread of the spider is interrupted and it is a pity for the follow-up of the touch.” International Jury