Become a T&T National Partner

We, Typhlo & Tactus, already comprise 23 countries around the world, participating in the T&T adventure. Why not join us?

Typhlo & Tactus, the only international competition of illustrated tactile books in the world, takes place every two years. We welcome you to partner with us in developing tactile illustrated books, accessible to visually impaired children, by becoming a T&T national partner and guiding a selection of book entries in your country. This involves promoting the T&T tactile illustrated book competition in your country, requesting and accepting book entries, organizing a jury (must include some children and adults with visual impairment) to select up to 5 of your country’s best book entries, then mailing these to the organizer of the international competition. The host country and organizer of the international competition changes every two years. The types of organizations best suited to fulfill the role of gathering entries within a country are libraries for visually impaired people, schools, any organization already producing or promoting tactile illustrated books accessible to visually impaired children or any organization of /for individuals with visual impairments. Each country can have only one T&T national partner and national level selection process and will enter into an agreement signed with T&T.

Organization fees:

  • promotion of the national level selection process within each country is the responsibility of that country, as is the cost of sending up to 5 selected book entries to compete in the international competition;
  • cost of the international competition which takes place every two years is shared between the founding member countries and the host country of the international competition of that year.

The Typhlo & Tactus website provides you with the various documents (in French and English) required from authors contributing entries to their country’s national selection process.

For more information on Typhlo & Tactus activities and the competition, contact Sophie Blain (in French or English)