Rules updated in June 2023


The aim of Typhlo & Tactus (T&T) is to increase the quantity, quality and distribution of illustrated tactile books for visually impaired (partially sighted and blind) children in all countries. These books, featuring simple multisensory illustrations, are fully accessible by touch.

The 24 participating countries that make up the international T&T network are actively working in their own countries as well as internationally to :

  • Increase the supply of illustrated tactile books at affordable prices;
  • Raise awareness of the need for this type of books;
  • Advise and guide the authors of illustrated tactile books;
  • Share ideas, resources and information;
  • Participate to research in that field.

In practical terms, every two years, the founding members of T&T organise the world’s only international competition for illustrated tactile books, allowing the widest possible awareness of what an illustrated tactile book is, sharing and exchanging, during the competition and via this website, information on good practice, progress in production techniques, and the various models of illustration available to the visually impaired.

The group thanks all authors who create books for blind children on a voluntary basis

Article 1

T&T is an international competition for authors of tactile illustrated books for young people with visual impairments (partially sighted or blind) from 0 to 12 years old.

Article 2

The authors are from partner countries which are represented by organisations that have signed an agreement with T&T competition chief coordinator, the association Les Doigts Qui Rêvent from France.

Article 3

The T&T entries must be original creations (both text and illustrations) OR an adaptations of a published book OR adaptations of a work that exists in the public domain. In any case, each of the entries in the competition must be a finished product rather than a work in progress.

Article 4

Each book can only be submitted into the T&T competition once.

Article 5

All entries must comply with the following points:

  1. Tactile illustrations, relief pictures: All kinds of creation methods are acceptable, provided the illustrations are clear, understandable, durable and suitable for tactile exploration.
  2. Text: When the book has text it must be in braille and in clear print which follows accessibility guidelines. See the guide on the Typhlo and Tactus website (Tips and All the books) and contact your national organisaton for assistance with braille.
  3. Binding: The book must open flat for tactile reading.
  4. Colours and contrasts: The use of strong and contrasting colours is desirable for the partially sighted.


Article 6

Participants must send their entry or entries to the national organiser of their respective country so they reach them before the deadline they set. The information for each country will be available on the T&T website “How to participate”.

Article 7

All entries must be accompanied by:

  1. A completed registration form
  2. A paper or digital copy (in Word or .txt format) of the text in the original language, with English and French translations (please reach your national organiser if you require assistance with the translation).

Article 8

The judges award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. Other prizes/commendations will also be awarded.

Article 9

Photographic copies of the entries can be used for advertising purposes, on the Typhlo & Tactus website and on all documents used by T&T regarding the promotion of tactile illustrated books (e.g. on the event poster, on posters announcing T&T, or in PowerPoint presentations).

Article 10

Within 30 days following the announcement of the results, all the entries sent to the international competition will be sent back to the T&T national partner in each country, which is responsible for returning these to their authors.

Exceptions shall be made for prize winning and specially commended books, which will make a tour of the founding member countries for promotion and education purposes and be returned to their authors after up to 18 months.

The organisers shall not be held liable for any damage or loss incurred by the entries from the time they are sent to the competition until their return to the competitors.

Article 11

Entering this context entails full agreement of all and each one of these rules.

The TYPHLO & TACTUS team reserves the right to modify, amend or supplement the present rules as well as cancel or postpone the competition due to unforeseen circumstances.

It should be noted that this competition is organised by the TYPHLO & TACTUS founding members on a purely voluntary basis and that their responsibility can in no way be engaged for any reason whatsoever.

There will be no refund for the expenses incurred by the contestants.

Article 12

The right not to follow up on the application of any particular participant shall be held at the jury’s discretion.


Thank you for participating and good luck!