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Among 405 entries received in 18 participating countries, the international Typhlo & Tactus (T&T) jury analyzed 67 entries for 2 days 1/2.
The discovery and reading of each entry demonstrate a work of reflection, originality and great creativity. This year new subjects were treated like feelings, emotions, and jobs. Many entries evoke ecology with the seabed. Some authors also explored concepts such as light, paintings by painters … Furthermore we are also seeing new formats: larger books and more play-books. All these entries introduce either new materials or original techniques and interesting tactile surprises.

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The books are classified by country of origin.
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Endangered marine animals - Margaret Wilkinson - United Kingdom

You choose - Faversham Sociable Sewing Group - United Kingdom

“It is a set of instructions with riddles :

  • The text is playful, inviting interaction with the child.
  • It is funny and rich in material.
  • We like the frog
  • It is a bit fun, the illustrations are all a bit classic but it works well.
  • We liked this book from the first look it is fun for children and it engages children in their choices.
  • There are some absurd situations but the children’s interest is there.
  • The quality of the illustrations is excellent.
  • The book is simple coherent the contrasts are good.
  • It is fun especially the page with the Lego and the softness of the socks.

It’s a really fun book with very nice contrasts, it’s made for education. It allows you to educate, to explore, you don’t necessarily know what you’re going to learn but you’ll learn !”

The jury’s opinion


Odd - M.j. Dutty - United Kingdom

“It is a guessing book, an investigation for all audiences, a book that allows children of all ages to play, explore, search, manipulate. Even adults enjoy discovering and exploring to play. It is a fun, entertaining, interactive book that invites the reader to be an actor.  The visuals are not an aid, all children are on the same reading level, visually impaired and sighted children.  It is also an awareness-raising tool for sighted children who do not need to wear a blindfold to read blind. It is a clever book that offers many possibilities of manipulation and different forms of action from the first page. The format is suitable for children, as is its weight. It is aesthetically pleasing and the materials chosen are pleasant, the reader feels good. This book allows children to start reading and encourages them to do so. There are action verbs that allow for interactivity, there is not a lot of text but it is enough to understand what you want to do while having fun.”
The jury’s opinion

CVI Winter - Sandy Brandt - USA

Hair Dance 1 - Dinah Johnson & Kelly Johnson - USA