International Competition of Tactile illustrated Books

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Welcome to the T&T website. Here you will discover tactile illustrated books from all over the world, and you will find all the keys to participate in the next competition, and why not… organize it in your own country.
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4 femmes du jury international tenant ouvert le livre ayant reçu le premier prix entre leurs mains

Winners 2019

1rst Prize
″Pinpin et ses copains″
Marcelle Peeters & Monique Sommer,

2nd Prize
″Das spin″
Gyntha Goertz & Ann Conefrey,
The Netherlands

3rd Prize
″Mamie Rose″
Tini Chouvenc

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2019 Judges favorites

  • Belgian Judge
    « Un bout de papier chatouilleux » by Élodie Maïno (France)
  • British Judge
    « Zemlja Je Nasa Mati » by Ljiljana Vidovic (Croatia)
  • Czech Judge
    « Mamas Bauch » by Jeanne Wienkoop (Germany)
  • Finnish Judge
    « ПЕТИНЫ СОКРОВИЩА » by R. Feoktistova, A. Anisimova, V. Speranskaya, M. Petrova & V.Gulyaeva (Russia)
  • French Judge
    « Magic shoes » by Minu Simon (India)
  • Italian Judge
    « L’alphabétagère » by Sylvain V. Crippa (Switzerland)
  • Dutch Judge
    « Bombo » by Patrycja Zalejska & Kiryl Konowalow (Poland)

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