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Among 405 entries received in 18 participating countries, the international Typhlo & Tactus (T&T) jury analyzed 61 entries for 2 days.
The discovery and reading of each entry demonstrate a work of reflection, originality and great creativity. This year new subjects were treated like feelings, emotions, and jobs. Many entries evoke ecology with the seabed. Some authors also explored concepts such as light, paintings by painters … Furthermore we are also seeing new formats: larger books and more play-books. All these entries introduce either new materials or original techniques and interesting tactile surprises.

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The books are classified by country of origin.
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Bombo - Patrycia Zalejska, Kiryl Konowalaw (Kolabajki Foundation) - Poland

“It’s a beautiful story of empowerment, how a person can grow by helping others. You feel sorry for Bombo, but the story turns! It’s nice to be able to picture the African landscape. The tactile images are very recognizable and add to the story. It’s good to have the pages in a frame that makes it easy to explore. The auditory input is also nice and well done. Keep making tactile books!” Dutch Judge

“Interesting story, rich and well conducted. The text and image are appropriate to the reader age, with a good format. Good contrasts. The page frame makes it easier to read globally. It’s fun and didactic. The character changes position and this makes reading more difficult. The story and the text are a little redundant. The story remains a bit common”. International Jury



Pozanaj Knaj Poli I Patryka (This is Poland) - Ewelina Trybus, Magdalena Poreba, Kataryna Zagorska, Natalia Zimowska - Poland

Koziolek Lubelski (The Goat from Lublin coat of arms) - Institute of Art, Mrs Curie University - Poland

Psie smuttki (Dog's Worries) - Institute of Art, Mrs Curie University - Poland

Петины сокровища (Peter’s Treasures) - Rimma Feoktistova & Anastasia Anisimova & Victoria Speranskaya & Maria Petrova & Victoria Gulyaeva & Rimma Feoktistova & Anton Zasolotsky - Russia

“An interesting subject and seldom proposed in the literature. Beautiful tactile researches. Interest of these objects in 3 D (objects to dig) for the child who certainly discovers this trade. One question: what skills does this book require for easy reading for the child? The story is complex but the pictures are a bit simplistic. Contrasts can and should be improved.” International Jury