Judge’s favorites

The Typhlo & Tactus international jury is made up of 8 members from 7 different countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom). They are all specialists in visual impairment, librarians, early intervention counselors, parents of blind children or publishers of material.

They analyzed 67 entries during 2 days 1/2.

Here are the 7 judges’ favorites for 2022!

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Belgium Judge

Satumetsän Aarre (The treasure of a fairytale forest) - Merja Munukka & Hanna Aho - Finland

“A book that is a lot of fun to explore tactilely. It offers many surprises throughout the pages. It is both playful and develops the child’s fine motor skills in a subtle way. A beautiful and original book with very nice finishing touches.” The Belgian jury.

British Judge

Ztracená náušnice (The lost earring) - Michaela Samalova - Czech Republic

“This book has lovely, domestic story which will appeal to many children of different ages. The use of sand and pebbles is excellent and in my experience unique in a tactile book.it puts signted and blind readers in the save position : they both must search for the lost object using touch.

The use of realistic materials throughout the book maker identification of objects eary for beginner readers. The construction and texture of the octopus is particulary inspired. The book is very well constructed throughout.” English judge

Czech Judge

Herr Wunderlich, der wundert sich (Mister Wonderlich is wondering) - Almut Bürger - Germany

“Thank you for a very good story. We enjoyed it very much. Especially some of your illustrations. A toilet, a window with spiders, a suitcase they are so funny. You used very suitable and pleasant material, hedgehog, a shoe, an elephant… That’s a pity that a lot of illustrations are only visual not tactile. And there is a problem with layers of some illustrations (for example a first shoe). It couldn’t be below the level, but it could raise braille is too low, it could be more readable by fingers. We like the final joke with different size of shoes !” Czech jury

Dutch Judge

Coco le petit colibri (Coco the hummingbird) - Léa Groussaud - France

“Very good subject, about environment and cooperation nice. That is based on the legend. Holds attention on very page beautiful illustrations, inclusive because visual and tactile.” The dutch jury

French Judge

The missing piece meets big 0 - Shel Silver Stein - Iran

“Story: very poetic, sensitive that it is that questions the living together its own pass perception its fragility. Tactile exploration: the materials make peach skin the simple forms in mutation, the systems the displacements gives much coherence to the subject of the book. A connection between inverted commas moving with the book a lot of softness a bit like a caress a fluid exploration Manuel.” The French jury