Judge’s favorites

The Typhlo & Tactus international jury is made up of 8 members from 8 different countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom). They are all specialists in visual impairment, librarians, early intervention counselors, parents of blind children or publishers of material.

They analyzed 61 entries during 2 days.

Here are the 7 judges’ favorites for 2019!

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Belgium Judge

Un bout de papier chatouilleux (A ticklish piece of paper) - Elodie Maïno - France

“This book is very complete and rich in its choice of materials. It is original and interesting for its exploitation of paper, and touching for the pleasure that the child can have playing with words and their meaning thanks to the principle of the exquisite corpse.Belgium Judge

“Beautiful book, different ways of working with paper. Promotes the learning of new vocabulary. It is to be read in the infinity of the content. It can be shared. This book puts the potentiality of paper under the fingers and in the ears. This book is both didactic and artistic.”International Jury





British Judge

Zemlja Je Nasa Mati (The Earth Is Our Mother) - Ljiljana Vidovic - Croatia

Czech Judge

Mamas Bauch (Mummys Tummy) - Jeanne Wienkoop - Germany

“Thank you for this ingenious idea! Exploring tactile books is often quite demanding. And children need and deserve fun and simplicity. Thank you all for making children happy.”Czech Judge




Finnish Judge

L’alphabétagère (Alphabet Shelves) - Sylvain V. Crippa - Switzerland

French Judge

Magic Shoes - Minu Simon - India

“This cloth book is a small format, the pages open flat for a good discovery to the touch. The story is simple, on each page the child discovers a surprise. The materials are very different, the one used for the seaweed is close to reality. The colors of the cover are contrasted for visually impaired children. A great encouragement to the author to continue his creation of tactile books.” French Judge