Examples of award-winning books

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2nd Prize 2009


This small format is fun. The text is simple; the search for surprises is interesting for young children. The textures are tactually well contrasted. Good idea to follow a path where the sequins lead the fingers from left to right. If the path continued on the back cover to reach the toad, it could make a never-ending story.

3rd Prize 2009 (ex aequo)

Hello Tifflo - Kathryn OVERTON - United-Kingdom / Royaume-Uni

Small format mockup. This book is placed in a bag that can be opened with a zipper, which makes it different from other entries. This handle would facilitate transport. The idea of looking, at the end, for the elements encountered over the pages, is interesting. The name Tifflo is sympathetic. This book offers unusual objects to count. The text could be put in the form of braille cards for blind parents.

Maquette de petit format. Ce livre est placé dans un sac que l’on ouvre avec une fermeture éclair, ce qui le rend différent des autres maquettes, . Une poignée faciliterait le transport. L’idée de chercher , à la fin, le éléments rencontrés au fil des pages est intéressante. Le nom Tifflo est sympathique. Ce livre propose des objets inhabituels à compter. Le texte pourrait être mis sous forme de fiches braille pour les parents aveugles.

3rd Prize 2009 (ex aequo)

Le ventre aquarium (The Aquarium Belly) - Laure Constantin - France

The subject of pregnancy is unusual. The text is beautiful and touching. It would be necessary to reduce the number of pages, to improve the finish of the tactile illustrations and to add more volume to them (mother’s tummy). Images should either remain in the imagination or represent reality.

Le sujet de la grossesse sort de l’ordinaire. Le texte est magnifique et touchant. Il serait nécessaire de réduire le nombre de pages , d’améliorer la finition des illustrations tactiles et y apporter plus de volume (ventre de la maman). Les images devraient rester soit dans l’imaginaire soit représenter la réalité.

1st Prize 2007

Cuore di pietra - Mauro EVENGELISTA - Italie

Culture Heritage Award 2007

Jack and the beanstalk - S. PHILIPS - Royaume-Uni