Ausflug mitLangstock Lasse (Trip with long cane Lasse)

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  • Johanna Kofler & Elena Braune
  • Germany
  • “It is a game book with sound recognition on an everyday object suitable for the visually impaired: the white cane.

    Good points:

    • The subject is well treated, it helps the child to understand the interest of the cane to move around.
    • It’s a good topic idea and it’s unusual.
    • There is a good comparison of scales, it helps to understand the reality of the environment.
    • The point of talking about this object is to raise awareness among all children, so to share this situation between sighted and blind children.
    • The choice of materials is relevant and there is a good tactile exploration possible.
    • The evolution of complexity through the pages is like in life.
    •  The idea of ​​highlighting the cane and loco motor skills gives the child seeing a little bit of power.

    Points to improve:

    • Maybe he lacks the way to walk. The child will do the process with his fingers and not necessarily the cane. Some materials are not always comfortable under the fingers. This sometimes gives less pleasure and therefore less appeal for reading.
    • Finally, it’s a shame the story has no end.

    The jury’s opinion

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